14 October 2012 


RE: The Pizza Truck 

Rural Scene Promotions Pty Ltd runs exhibitions across New South Wales and Queensland. The Pizza Truck has been an exhibitor with Rural Scene Promotions for approximately three years. 

Jo and Michael are reliable, friendly and professional exhibitors who are a pleasure to have at our shows. They supply tasty and fresh products in a clean, compliant setting. 

We truly value The Pizza Truck as a trusted exhibitor with Rural Scene Promotions and confidently recommended them to any event organiser. 

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Heidi Smith 


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I have known Jo & Mike Murphy for the past two years since they applied to be an exhibitor at the Riverina Field Days of which I am the organiser.


They trade as “The Pizza Truck” and when they first applied I was a little reluctant to accept them because I felt that it was a bit like “carting coal to Newcastle”, given that Griffith has a huge Italian population and there would have to be at least a dozen pizza restaurants in the town and obviously customers in Griffith know a good pizza when they taste it.


However having appraised them of this situation, I accepted them and no other of the local pizza makers were interested in attending this local event.


My fears were never realised.  The Pizza Truck was a huge hit.  The members of the public queued to buy and Jo, Mike & staff were literally run off their feet.  They have a fantastic variety of pizzas (11 by my recollection) and also provided various flavoured pies as well as Coffee, Latte, Mochaccino and Hot Chocolate.


Their display is very professional and I can recommend them to any event.


I was also in attendance at the Hartwood Country Music & Camping weekend this past Easter, where there were several thousand campers.  This was their first time at Hartwood and they were well received their by all – especially on the Good Friday with their non-meat Pizzas.    I know that they have been asked to come again next Easter.


Should you require a personal reference please don’t hesitate to contact me on the mobile 0428 630 057.



Ffiona Beverley




Jo & Michael Murphy

The Pizza Truck

9th February 2013

Best Gourmet Pizza in town.

What a pleasure it is to attend events where you guys are catering. Your gourmet

wood-fired pizza’s are as good (or better) as we order at our favorite pizza


Available to us at events where usually, the choice for good quality food doesn’t

extend beyond the usual (fried) fast foods, we now search out The Pizza Truck

whenever we exhibit at regional shows. We hope to see you at the Brisbane

SPASA show in May.

Thanks guys, great job & delicious.


Ian Wright


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